Promoting Growth and Development for the Transformation of Individuals and their Organisations

Catherine Ashe (M.Sc.) is an experienced and accredited coach, facilitator and leadership Consultant.




A co-active approach is central to the process because it is powerful and dynamic and enables people to connect with solutions and ideas from within themselves.

We Offer

A range of evidence based consultancy services to  support the professional and personal development of individuals, leaders and teams.

  • Personal and executive coaching to help people navigate personal milestones and  to develop their career path in a safe, supportive and confidential environment
  • Bespoke team coaching as a valuable way of maximising cohesiveness at all stages of team development.
  • Psychometric Assessments to identify personal strengths and areas for development to maximise  leadership potential.
  • Leadership Coaching helps to identify and develop leadership potential and ideas for further development.
  • Training Needs Assessment, personal learning and action planning for groups and individuals.
  • Organisational development and review through organisational growth and/ or change.
  • Conflict avoidance and resolution using restorative mediation approaches.