The Process

  • Sessions can be designed to suit the needs of all involved. Clients may choose to have a single ‘stand alone’ consultation to fit in with busy work schedules. For others it may be preferable to have a series of four to six sessions  where each meeting lasts up to an hour  and a half,  with intervals of  one to two weeks in between,  subject to an agreed schedule.
  • At the outset a contract is devised and agreed which details boundaries, timescale and establishes the client’s purpose and desired outcomes.
  • The agenda is set by the client and the interaction is guided by the Coach through a range of co-active techniques including active listening, inquiry and feedback.
  • At the close of each consultation a “learning in action plan” is developed which is reviewed at the start of the next
  • At the closure of the consultation/s growth and learning is reviewed and a final plan for sustaining development is agreed between coach and client/s.