“I had four coaching sessions with Catherine and I found each one built on the previous one. My trust in her integrity was instant and our relationship developed easily but without pressure in any way. Catherine was very empathetic, intuitive and non-judgemental and I felt really safe to explore my personal and leadership options and challenges within my organisation.”
Jenny, HR Manager., Dublin 24.

“The fact that she allowed me to wander off a little off ‘the script’ so that I could take a wider look at how creativity integrates with one’s life was unexpected but really good.
Catherine was able to pick up on what I am saying and draw out ‘sensitive’ and ‘live’ issues which may not be initially overtly stated.”
Ronan, Self Employed Entrepreneur, Co. Dublin.

“At our first session my ‘story’ unfolded which had not been verbalised externally before nor had I contemplated the chronology of my life and its impact on the present. I now feel more able to tune into my own clarity, coaching had brought learning to the fore and the ‘learning has landed.”
Claire, Dublin 3.

“From the start Catherine and I developed mutual trust and her listening skills are excellent, she sometimes asked challenging questions and feedback very accurately. You never stop learning and I recognise the importance of having a reflective space through coaching and other means and the time to think which I have always advocated to my colleagues but have not done myself until now. I appreciated the opportunity to take the Emotion Capital Report assessment which identified both my strengths and also some areas for me to develop.”
Maria, Dublin.

“Catherine asked the right questions throughout. She regularly summarised and feedback which demonstrated her deep listening skills and helped me to move through the stages of the process of clarifying where I am now, exploring what I want to change, building motivation and devising an action plan. There was never an interruption to the flow except to help me maintain my focus or to encourage me to develop a point further. This ‘light touch’ approach worked for me. I found the Wheel of Life was an effective tool and I was able to use it as flexibly as I wanted, to develop individualised areas for development. When she intuitively sensed that it was no longer adding to the flow she gently removed it.”
Tomas, Dublin 6.